Monday, 17 August 2015

Get Creative with an Inspiring Quote or Two!

I've always been a fan of inspirational signs and have a few scattered around my home one of my fave's is this one merrily hanging from my lovely shabby chic sideboard ......'The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time' which is exactly how I can justify my little coffee break sat here sharing my favourite little quotes with you!

Of course this being a crafty blog & me being a big fan of sewing I have a few classics I love to use and share these on my social network pages from time to time. I think I do actually feel that 'My Soul is Fed with Needle & Thread' ~ sometimes I really do think I have a sewing addiction .......hey ho! 

and of course you can't actually be a sewing addict without having a bit of a fabric problem! For any of you that feel like it's your birthday or Christmas every time you 'have' to buy more fabric (or even look at it/ stroke it ..... feel free to add your own!!) or come across a print in just the perfect design, colour palette and texture this one's especially for you ... I am definitely guilty as charged !!

Also on my quest for the perfect crafty quotes I found these super cute vintage ones ..... I hope people know that when us crafters make something for someone we don't just put it together we do wish & wish that they are going to love it and know how much love has gone in to making it for them.

Clearly some of you out there don't just make for love but like me have turned your hobby into your own little business however big or small and so to us buying handmade is important otherwise we would be out of a job and just have a room full of stuff because we can't stop making things! I'm really tempted sometimes to print out this next little 'quote' and pop on my craft fair tables - I wonder if it would make customers stop and think why something costs what it does and how much of your time, effort, love & individual creativity has gone in to making each piece? Of course I don't display it for fear of driving people away but really we all should?!

Here's a few more that I use and are always are a quick fix for getting the message across:

I think that last one is particularly poignant - I wonder if people realise how much a metre of fabric actually costs? I blame the high street for buying in bulk and selling at crazy prices that stop customers realising how much these things we create actually cost! 

Since crafting I have met a lovely lady on Facebook called Annie who is the 'Queen of Quotes' and inspiration over at Birdcages and Butterflies ( I love her style and she always seems to choose just the right words ...... if you're reading this and also use Facebook definitely pop over and say hello, like her page and enjoy seeing her inspirations and work come up in your newsfeed.

As crafters we all know how 'messy' the creative process can be sometimes with buttons, ribbon & goodness knows what else all strewn about in the craziness of creating just the perfect look and getting just the right 'addition' to make the perfect creation and so my next quote is always a fave and should be put out there at least once a week!

And when the family, the housework or some other lesser distraction is calling there's no other option but to shut the door and hide it all! ha ha! I'm sure we can all relate to this one! 

Ultimately though being inspired and creating things is a way of life, if the quotes have helped or made you smile that's good enough for me as after all 'Craftiness is Happiness' .............

Sarah X

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